Time to Pick Up Our Feet!

I am a ghost-blogger on the side (www.postsbyghost.com), and I often have writing on the brain…yet, I have dragged my feet when it comes to contributing to Ecology Runner.

For the last year and a half, when I sit down to write I become blocked.

Maybe it’s because the cause is too dear to me, or too personal--I find myself asking what can I share beyond my own ego. I wondered if my writing stems from a desire to post my “journal” on the web for some sort of validation, or if there is there truly a message here that is of value to someone other than myself. I wonder if I can affect change.

Now, more than any time before, Sam and I are living in-line with the philosophy behind Eco Runner. There is a strong message, and I’ve used this propel some powerful change in my own life. I feel that it’s time to take this beyond just ourselves and share.

There are also questions about the focus—is it just “Jen’s Fitness Journal”? Do I want to share recipes and lifestyle tips a la Martha Stewart (or GOOP, ha)? Do I want to talk exclusively about exercise? Share playlists? Is it a take away from applying the tips from other blogs to my own life? (100dollarsaday.com, livingwellspendingless.com, littlehouseinthesuburbs.com)? Is it a vegan blog? A running blog? A recycling blog? A blog about cats and pugs (for the record, Sam and I have four cats and two amazing pugs and I *could* write volumes about them)?

All of these pieces add together and boil down to the ways that I have transformed my life into a healthier and more eco-focused one. Looking at the progress I’ve made in the last year, I am pretty proud of myself.

Sam and I quit drinking on December 21, 2013 for both health and personal reasons. As healthy as we both tried to be, I think that alcohol was holding us both back from achieving as much as we could from both a physical perspective as well as an emotional one. We also went from “mostly vegan” to completely and committed vegans at that same time.

This lifestyle change has done great things for both of us in terms of energy and for me in terms of weight loss (and running). I have lost 35 pounds since the beginning of the year. I have been running about three times a week, and completed a 10K with a better time than last year. Sam just completed the Brewer’s Mini (Half Marathon) and we are both training for some upcoming runs (more on that later).

Ready for our first Huber 5K
Another part of being committed to a green lifestyle is thinking about the way we handle “green” (aka dollar dollar bills, yo). We have this crazy idea that we are going to pay off all of our debt (student loans, mortgage, credit cards and cars) in 10 years time, while still saving and investing for retirement.

We’ve had to get creative in the saving process. “Getting green in all aspects” means: reducing our consumption, cooking at home, making our own holiday gifts, planting a garden, stretching things out a little more, reducing, reusing and recycling whenever possible. We’re wasting less, and simplifying. We’re separating the needs from the wants.

How does this apply to our running? Well, it all comes back to the foundation of Eco-Running, and personal responsibility. It’s this idea of being part of the world, but trying to make it better a little bit each day. It’s about consuming less, giving more, being healthy and caring for ourselves and our world. I’m looking forward to more regular posts and I hope you’ll read along!