Weekend Curry (vegan, pareve, gluten-free, low-calorie)

Almost every weekend I make a bit batch of curry in my Le Creuset. For some reason that red pot makes me feel like a culinary pro. It gives the best carmelization on onions and other veggies. It heats evenly, things cook slowly, and it’s perfect for making soups and stews.

One of my favorites is this curry.

The great thing about this dish is that like ramen, teriyaki or pasta dishes, you can use up a whole bunch of veggies and pack it with all kinds of ingredients. It’s customizable, and you can add protein too if you like. In this case chickpeas are my protein of choice (though it’s not exactly classic chana masala).

This curry will end up being lunch for us throughout the week. It’s freezable as well, so if we get tired of it, or aren’t going to finish the whole pot by Friday, I will toss a few portions in glass freezer containers and we have lunch for later. Some people don’t think brown rice or coconut milk freezes well, but I think this curry holds up just fine.

First step is to start caramelizing the onions. I use coconut oil, because the flavor goes well with the coconut milk. If you plan to use tempeh, tofu or another protein you can get some color on it as the onions are browning.
Caramelizing the onion
While the onions are going I chop my veggies. In this case I was using sweet and russet potatoes.

Choppin' the sweet potatoes
I added the sweet potatoes to the pot to get a little color on them. Then I tossed in the rest of the veggies, chickpeas, spinach and frozen veggies.

Add the rest of the veggies
Frozen veggies
 I turned the stove down to a low, and added the liquid to cover the white potatoes. I used one can of crushed tomatoes, one can of coconut milk and veggie broth until everything is covered. 

Shake the coconut milk just like it says...
Organic veggie broth
The coconut adds a lot of depth of flavor and makes your curry just a little sweet (but not overly coconutty). The next steps is the spices—1 tsp of curry powder, 1 tsp of whole grain mustard, 1 tsp of cumin, 1 tbsp of ginger. If you like heat, I would add a little red pepper or cayenne powder. I also add a tsp of salt and a few twists of black pepper.

Spicy spices
Cover and simmer for about half an hour, until your potatoes are soft. This delicious stuff just gets better and better as it rests, so it makes a perfect meal to revisit later in the week (if you can wait)!

Mustard and ginger -- strange combination, but so good in curry!
I make a few cups of brown rice to serve with this dish (and to use in burritos, casseroles and as the base for rice bowls throughout the week). The rice makes this dish more filling and brown rice will keep you full for the day!

Brown rice from the rice cooker